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Hi everyone. I just came across this comm and joined it. Hopefully I can bring it back from the dead, lol! I just signed up on Dreamwidth at the end of April this year, and love the site. I have been a screen reader user since the mid-90's, and just got my first Mac computer as a Christmas present last year. I wanted to point you to another nonprofit organization that has a review website geared towards people with disabilities. Full disclosure: I volunteer for the organization, so I hope that's okay with y'all for me to post a link to our website here. So without further adieu, here it is: http://www.jjslist.com . This organization is based here in Illinois in the United States, and we recently merged with an employment organization. I was going to help out with site administration, but our back end is not screen reader friendly. A former co-worker sent me a link to a half-built starting page for what was to be our new site. That page ended up being very accessible with the Windows-based screen readers I was using at the time, but I couldn't get it to read at all on my Mac. She did this at the beginning of last year, and still no improvements have been made to our back end. But the front end is very accessible with all screen readers I've used to date, and hopefully it is with the other screen readers in existence. Please pardon the spelling and grammar mistakes; those are not mine.
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Signing up for the Three Weeks Of Dreamwidth fest w00t!

Tentatively, the start date for the fest is Monday, April 26.

Just to make sure it is clear, anything that you choose to create and offer for this festival is with the understanding that it be posted only on Dreamwidth for three weeks from the date you post it, with the intent of stimulating conversation and connection here at home. After three weeks, you may post the content anywhere you wish.
There will be at least one friending meme. We will be using one main comm to link things, and emphasizing posting to existing comms. We will be including both fannish and non fannish content. There will be totally awesome memes in private journals.

Sounds like fun to me!

I have INVITES, if anyone would like one!

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Hoover Dam

Nov. 15th, 2009 02:59 pm
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The Hoover Dam is in the middle of nowhere on the border of Nevada and Arizona. Highway 93 passes over the dam, and a turnoff allows visitors to access a visitor centre and walk along the top of the dam. (Hoover Dam website)

Acessibility report, mostly with an eye to mobility issues )
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If this is too much or not enough, please let me know.

1. City and/or State/Province/Whatnot, Country
2. Building, Public Transport, Vacation Spot, etc.
3. The name and address of the place.
4. Detailed description what was easy and what was difficult for you to navigate.

Also, I'd appreciate ideas for a checklist like this one:


What do you think?

Edit: Changed city and state to city and/or state. :)
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I want to start a site that reviews buildings, transportation, vacation spots, etc., for locals and travelers alike.

It will seek detailed, firsthand submissions about the experiences of people with disabilities (as opposed to people like me, your friendly neighborhood mod, who hasn't had that experience and therefore won't be making any assumptions).

Any building, any city. Bakeries, shopping centers, auto shops, museums, car rentals, on and on. New ideas are always welcome! (Seriously, I need all the help I can get.)

I hope the eventual site gets enough input (and traffic that the site could have some kind of recognition for accessibility, something a shopkeeper could put on his/her storefront window (to encourage other shops to work on their accessibility, and they'd be advertised as accessible on the site), and a shit list of the least accessible places, as a heads-up and hopefully to encourage those businesses to get on that. :)

This is going to be crossposted all over the place.


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